This piece was inspired by the movie Scarface, my favorite scene in the movie.  The scene when you first meet Elvira played by Michelle Pfeiffer.   The piece really captures the slick feel of the Miami home where the scene takes place.  The movie was released in 1983 directed by Brian De Palma and the screenplay written by Oliver Stone.  The movie was inspired by the classic movie called Scarface: Shame of a Nation 1932.  The movie uses a historical time in history when cuban refugee's are actually released  in the spring of 1980 at the port at Mariel Harbor and allowed into the United States.  This piece is timely given the the political climate that Donald Trump has created with his remarks on illegal immigrants.  Maybe Trump is looking at movies instead of actual facts, something to think about.

Yes, I said it!

Willis (Marque) Washington, Jr.



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