5 month update on Avocado plant.

I planted this avocado plant on July 14, 2015 and today I put it in dirt (today is December 19, 2015).  When I started this project I was told that you can not grow an avocado plant in New York in your apartment.  Well, here is the proof that you can not believe everything that you here.  I decided to keep a blog and document this project because of the amount of people that told me it could not be done.  Now it is 5 months later, 10 inches tall and in its new home.  As you can see in the picture it is only a few inches from the original pot (the asian pot in the picture).  I did not want to move it far just in case there was any planting shock.  I did not want much of a change in the place to add to the change from sitting in water to now being it dirt.  I will document any changes and keep you posted.

Yes, I said it!!




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