Gender Acceptance

     With Bruce Jenner coming out as Caitlyn Jenner, gender has become a big subject.   Apparently it is not as simple as male and female.  There is an identification process that a person must go through and this process is how you project yourself to the world.  Even though you have the anatomy of a particular sex you can identify with the opposite sex.  It seems that this is becoming a way of expressing one's self that is being accepted by the world.
     Sexuality is linked to identity but not exclusive in determining ones sexual preference.  It seems that humans are a complex organism that is constantly learning about itself.  Acceptance is key here since all human beings are linked on this planet and by the societies in which they live.  The one common denominator is that we are of the human species but each human is an individual that should be accepted as a part of the whole of the human race with all its complexities.

Yes, I said it.




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