American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is doing a great job as a judge on American Idol.  She has stepped it up.  From her advise, critiques, to her look has all been stepped up a few notches.  Harry Connick Jr. on the other hand is wrong 90% of the time.  What does Harry know about mainstream music anyway?  Has he ever done any mainstream popular music?  Harry would not know successful music in a million years and it shows with his critiques of the contestants.  Harry has helped this season of American Idol have the weakest singers that I have every heard on the show.  Keith Urban, is just a third will, he needs to get a back bone and a idea of his own.  Keith just seems to go along with whatever the other judges are saying.  American Idol has done an overhaul of the show but it does not seem to have allowed them to get the best singers in the country.  I predict that The Voice will beat them in the ratings again.  The Voice actually gets better talent.  Let the ratings war begin..  American Idol is lucky that it does not directly compete with The Voice!!!



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