Sunday, February 12, 2012


Since it was black history month I bought a old movie called Mandingo. And it got me to thinking about who I was and how I came to be a hairstylist. I know that may sound odd. But, I've often caled myself a Mutt. The truth is I think that is what this country is built. I have always been between the races. Mandingo is about the dynamic between slave and master, love and hate. That "mutt" in me is what made me a hairstylist. My hair is actually not black nor is it white. It is somewhere between the two. Which when I was growing up there were not many products nor where their many stylist with enough experience with my hair. Which lead to a lot of experimenting. Which lead to the interest in hair and hair care. I soon found my calling in the hair industry. Now I have started on the next part in my career. I have been working on a hair are line for several years. The line will launch this year. Of course I did a lot of testing the products on my hair. So please stay tuned for my name sake product line. Yes, I said it. Marque

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't sleep on Payless!

Payless has the fourth season winner of Project Runway, Christian Siriano. His shows are amazing. If you want to feel like you are on the runway Run to Payless and get a pair. Payless has really changed the image of there shoes with this partnership. It has gone from grandma to supermodel. I was just there with a model who was looking, for a pair of shoes for an event and she was surprised that she actually had choices for her gown. She did not believe me when I told her to take a look. But, Christian Siriano made a believer out of her. I know that shoes are where you really put you money, when putting together your look but this time Payless has really done it right with Christian. The shoes really seem to reflect the designers sense of style.

 Yes, I said it!