Fall is in the Air

Now that Fall has come, I've put low lights in my hair.  I advise everyone to start to make the move to the cooler months ahead.  Leting your hair grow is another way of moving into the winter months.  I think the best way to do this is to see your hairstylist more often to give you a new style for your growing hair.  That way you won't go crazy trying to handle the new length and this helps keep you from cutting it.  I've also taken out my sweaters and put up my sandles.  I love the change in season because I feel like I got a lot of new clothes when I pull out my winter wardrobe.  Another tip I do is only buy three new items for the new season and I try to get rid of three.  I do this because I need to save space.  If you don't need to save space I believe it's still a good idea so that you stay current.  I hope these tips help you move into winter.

May the Force be with you!




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