April Fools

April 1st. should have been Kim Kardashian's wedding day and all she would have had to say was, sike (April fools)!!! Really, she clearly does not take marriage seriously, 72 days is all she could do on her second marriage. After all the money spent and freebies. It's clear that there is something going wrong in this family and our society keeps rewarding this bad behavior. Please stop, this for the sake of the young people watching this. Barbara Walters needs to interview Kim's mother so that we can get a better insight on what's going on in this family. Because as it stands now the Kardashian's seem like a bunch of spoiled brats. I believe if parents had to pay for the mistakes there children made parents would do a better job. Make them Pay or make them give back everything that was given to them for that wedding. Kim Kardashian needs to be taught a lesson.
Yes, I said it!!



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