I was reading in the New York Post on July 27th. 2011 that Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer killed himself and Jeret "Speedy" Peterson an Olympic silver medalist was found dead in an apparent suicide. And, that yesterday was Amy Whinehouse's funeral ceremony. It struck me as I was reading this that all three of these people were very successful in their careers but not in life. This is why I have always been thankful for my parents and my life. I have said so many times that I'm naturally happy and that's what gives me strength when times are tough. And, I give all thanks to my parents. From my up bringing or genetics whichever you pick the credit goes to my parents. I feel very thankful, for my life. And, this is success!! I believe that people need to re-evaluate what they think success is, and I've always felt successful because OF MY LIFE and not for the things that I've done or acquired!!!!
Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!
May the Force be with you!
Marque !!



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