Something about Merry

Today, I got an email from Merry (of Meredith Harper weddings), telling me that one of her friends had died. I was suprised by this because when Meredith and I were in LA to shoot My Fair Weddings we had gone to see her friend Cleo. What you may not be able to see about Meredith is her charitable heart. Cleo was an elderly woman that Meredith had befriended a few years ago but who she always had the time for in her busy life. When I first met Cleo the first thing she said to me was "bullshit", when Meredith introduced me... "This is Marque"...most people may not know that Marque is not my given name. And, if people think it no one says that to me. Especially in this brass and blunt way, which was my impression of Cleo. I did proceed to tell her my given name which I really only reserve for my loved ones. Even with this from Cleo there was something endearing about her. But, what was more endearing to me was the time that Meredith took to spend with Cleo. Not to mention, we were on our way to a friends for a pool party. Who knew that Meredith had a 85 year friend that she spent time with. And, I could tell that this was not charity this was who Meredith was and Cleo was her friend. This really reinforces the saying, "be kind to your elders".

Beauty Fades your heart last a life time!!




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