Red Bottoms

Christian Louboutin, wants a court order to stop other designers from putting Red Bottoms on their shoes. He better get a good legal team. I bought a Red Bottom Donna Karan shoe in 1994. And, I still own the shoe in it's box. Was, Christian Louboutin even in business in 1994? I don't think so... LOL... I'm suprised that Christian Louboutin has been getting away with bullying his competitors for so long. He has sued YSL in April and they counter sued. Now Dior is coming out with a line of Red Bottom Shoes and Christain wants an injunction. Dior, I will my Red Bottom Donna Karan's....LOL.... Donna Karan must remember making that shoe. Donna Karan I say you testify.... Well, anyway I can't wait to see the out come of this battle of the shoe Diva's.

Let the Games Begin!!




  1. Oh wow...It may be a stretch, but maybe if he has a copywrite he may come out on top haha That is a stretch though..good luck to him! I'm interested in knowing how this turned out.