I have partnered with Meredith Harper Weddings and have been thrown in the world of nuptials. I'm a romantic at heart and each time I do the brides hair for her wedding day I'm reminded of the promise of love and the future. I feel that this is the brides coming out PAR -TAE...LOL... Therefore she should look like what she has invisioned and I'm a big part of that look. I've done from weddings on the beach too The Waldorf Astoria and I would like to say that nothing beats the sentiment of Meredith Harper being married in her parents backyard. Or her mothers garden. Mrs. Harper shared with me that she always wanted one of her children to get married in her backyard (garden). The love that Mrs. Harper put in this yard and can only be matched by Meredith and Jervelle Houston's love for each other. The love that Meredith's mother has for her daughter and son-in-law Jerverlle was even more evident when Mrs. Harper explained to me that she was unable to have her hair and makeup done because she was working on the table settings and the bouquets for the brides maids. Which all the flowers were from Mrs. Harpers garden. LOVES WAS DEFINiTLY IN THE AIR!!! It is so appropriate that Meredith has decided to direct her makeup skills to the world of nuptials, she really believes in love and marriage and it is a marriage made to last. I look forward to making many brides look beautiful on her wedding day.




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