Saturday, December 17, 2011

Did you know?

I felt that the below article needed to be read by all parents! "Two chemicals considered harmful to babies remain in Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo sold in the U.S. and some other countries, even though the company already makes versions without them, according to an international coalition of health and environmental groups. Now the coalition is urging consumers to boycott Johnson & Johnson baby products until the company agrees to remove the chemicals from its baby products sold around the world, including in China and the U.K. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has unsuccessfully been urging the world's largest health care company for 2 1/2 years to remove the trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals — dioxane and a substance called quaternium-15 that releases formaldehyde — from Johnson's Baby Shampoo, one of its signature products." By The associated press

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shoe Addiction!!!!

Police caught a gang of 6 cocaine smugglers this week.  The gang would turn cocaine into copies of Manolo Blahnik's. basically they used a process that turned the cocaine into a paste and molded the cocaine into the high end heels. Then paint the molds to look like different styles of the famous Manolo's. Then they would get people called mulls to transport the shoes to other countries where the copies would be processed to powder cocaine and distributed.   I thought I was creative with my shoes but this takes being creative to a whole new level.  The shoes/cocaine were worth $630,000. 

Something to thing about!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall is in the Air

Now that Fall has come, I've put low lights in my hair.  I advise everyone to start to make the move to the cooler months ahead.  Leting your hair grow is another way of moving into the winter months.  I think the best way to do this is to see your hairstylist more often to give you a new style for your growing hair.  That way you won't go crazy trying to handle the new length and this helps keep you from cutting it.  I've also taken out my sweaters and put up my sandles.  I love the change in season because I feel like I got a lot of new clothes when I pull out my winter wardrobe.  Another tip I do is only buy three new items for the new season and I try to get rid of three.  I do this because I need to save space.  If you don't need to save space I believe it's still a good idea so that you stay current.  I hope these tips help you move into winter.

May the Force be with you!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bieber gets some Beaver!!!

Mariah Yeater 20 years old, claims that she gave Justin Bieber 17 years old, his first Beaver.  And, Mariah had a little Bieber named Tristyn 4 months old.  At 17 Justin Bieber is in the center of a maternity suit.  Justin Bieber needed to be watching more "Leave it to Beaver" than making songs about Babies his latest release called amazingly "Baby".  "As the World Turns" for Justin.  I wonder what Selena Gomez 19 his girlfriend thinks of all of this?.  Justin's mother Pattie Mallette was just 18 when she had Justin and raised him as a single mom, "The Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree".  If this is true Justin Bieber only lasted 30 second in the beaver his fans are going to be disappointed.  If Mariah is lying what lies ahead for her?  If it's the truth The Bieber is less than a 3 minute man......LOL

Yes, I said it!!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The New Black!

What do Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Fantasy and Jennifer Hudson have in common besides being black female singers?  They all have new movies coming to the movies soon.  Mary J. Blige is going to be Nina Simone.  I've been reading alot about this and some people don't think she is the right choice.  Think again Mary J. Blige has been breaking walls down since we first heard her music.  Whitney Houston has been gone from the big screen for sometime.  She better have a controlled environment, so that she doesn't go Bobby Brown on us.  Fantasy will be playing Mahalia Jackson.  I worked with her on the Color Purple on Broadway and she's got the chops as long as they don't ask her to do 8 shows a week for 8 months....LOL....Jennifer Hudson is going to be Winnie Mandela, do I hear OSCAR buzzzz?? I will keep you posted.....Black is Back!!!!!!

Yes, I said it!!


Monday, October 31, 2011

April Fools

April 1st. should have been Kim Kardashian's wedding day and all she would have had to say was, sike (April fools)!!! Really, she clearly does not take marriage seriously, 72 days is all she could do on her second marriage. After all the money spent and freebies. It's clear that there is something going wrong in this family and our society keeps rewarding this bad behavior. Please stop, this for the sake of the young people watching this. Barbara Walters needs to interview Kim's mother so that we can get a better insight on what's going on in this family. Because as it stands now the Kardashian's seem like a bunch of spoiled brats. I believe if parents had to pay for the mistakes there children made parents would do a better job. Make them Pay or make them give back everything that was given to them for that wedding. Kim Kardashian needs to be taught a lesson.
Yes, I said it!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Now, why is it when Kim Kardashian gets freebie's and money, for her wedding it's O.K? I remember not so long ago WHEN Star Jones did that for her wedding and she was dogged in the press. There seems to be a double standard in Hollywood or is it just me. Star was dogged for being cheap and ostentatious. Kim got $10,000.00 worth of invitations free received $50,000.00 to host her bachelorette party at Tao and a cake estimated at $6,000.00 from Hansen's Cakes. These are just a few of the perks this reality star received not to mention the 1.5 million plus from people magazine for the pictures of her wedding and engagement ring. Kim Kardashhian is only a reality star that had a sex tape who's mother married an athlete. Star Jones is a Lawyer turned talk show host, brains and talent. It really troubles me to think that Star's skin was not light enough and she was not thin enough for Hollywood or the media. Star flaunted her "fabulosity" around and Hollywood could not take her. I'm getting very tired of the American press and society wanting black people to be so humble and subservient. Kim with her 2.5 million 65 carat Diamond Lorraine Schwartz headpiece, her $2 million Schwartz engagement ring, 20.5 carat diamond on her right hand, her 28 carat earring worth $5 million. If this isn't ostentatious I don't know what is! And, now the press wants to talk about Obama going to Martha's Vineyard for his vacation, with the economy in the state that it's in. It really feels like this country has come a long way and has even further to go. Kim could have gotten the entire country out of debt with what she did or did not spend on her wedding. It just reminds me of Marie Antoinette and "Let them Eat Cake". Hollywood and the press needs to wake up! The American people are smarter than that.
Yes, I said it!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I was reading in the New York Post on July 27th. 2011 that Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer killed himself and Jeret "Speedy" Peterson an Olympic silver medalist was found dead in an apparent suicide. And, that yesterday was Amy Whinehouse's funeral ceremony. It struck me as I was reading this that all three of these people were very successful in their careers but not in life. This is why I have always been thankful for my parents and my life. I have said so many times that I'm naturally happy and that's what gives me strength when times are tough. And, I give all thanks to my parents. From my up bringing or genetics whichever you pick the credit goes to my parents. I feel very thankful, for my life. And, this is success!! I believe that people need to re-evaluate what they think success is, and I've always felt successful because OF MY LIFE and not for the things that I've done or acquired!!!!
Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!
May the Force be with you!
Marque !!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something about Merry

Today, I got an email from Merry (of Meredith Harper weddings), telling me that one of her friends had died. I was suprised by this because when Meredith and I were in LA to shoot My Fair Weddings we had gone to see her friend Cleo. What you may not be able to see about Meredith is her charitable heart. Cleo was an elderly woman that Meredith had befriended a few years ago but who she always had the time for in her busy life. When I first met Cleo the first thing she said to me was "bullshit", when Meredith introduced me... "This is Marque"...most people may not know that Marque is not my given name. And, if people think it no one says that to me. Especially in this brass and blunt way, which was my impression of Cleo. I did proceed to tell her my given name which I really only reserve for my loved ones. Even with this from Cleo there was something endearing about her. But, what was more endearing to me was the time that Meredith took to spend with Cleo. Not to mention, we were on our way to a friends for a pool party. Who knew that Meredith had a 85 year friend that she spent time with. And, I could tell that this was not charity this was who Meredith was and Cleo was her friend. This really reinforces the saying, "be kind to your elders".

Beauty Fades your heart last a life time!!


Baby Hair

Baby hair is not just for the Jackson's (as in Michael Jackson). All children have baby hair and I don't mean the hair around their hair line. Your hair actually will go through many changes in your life time if you live long enough. The hair that you were born with is not the hair that you have when you are 1 years old. I consider the hair between when we are born and 1 your baby hair. Please, parents pay attention!! Now, after 1 years old the next change is puberty, which is between 11 and 16 years old. The hair after puberty will last until middle age. I have heard so many black parents say that a relaxer ruined their childs hair. It's just not true unless your child ate the relaxer. Usually people of color hair gets thicker and more course. Children that are born blonde usually get darker during this time. Your hair grows from within, therefore you would have to eat the relaxer (which I doubt) . What did happen is your hair changed at puberty and your child needed that relaxer. If you do damage your hair from the outside all you have to do is cut it off and grow it again. Now there are things that you can do to your hair from the inside good and bad, which I'm going to save that for another time. Stay tuned I have much to discuss about hair.

Yes, I said it!


Red Bottoms

Christian Louboutin, wants a court order to stop other designers from putting Red Bottoms on their shoes. He better get a good legal team. I bought a Red Bottom Donna Karan shoe in 1994. And, I still own the shoe in it's box. Was, Christian Louboutin even in business in 1994? I don't think so... LOL... I'm suprised that Christian Louboutin has been getting away with bullying his competitors for so long. He has sued YSL in April and they counter sued. Now Dior is coming out with a line of Red Bottom Shoes and Christain wants an injunction. Dior, I will my Red Bottom Donna Karan's....LOL.... Donna Karan must remember making that shoe. Donna Karan I say you testify.... Well, anyway I can't wait to see the out come of this battle of the shoe Diva's.

Let the Games Begin!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Fair Weddings

Meredith Harper Weddings did My Fair Weddings with David Tutera. Of course Meredith called me to do the hair. The setting was a beautiful home in Hills of LA. The Bride wanted sabby chic for her wedding. And, that's what she got. David Tutera really captured the shabby chic look with the ease of a pro. But, her hair and make-up was more chic than shabby. What can I say Meredith and I don't do shabby...LOL....The the bride did say to me that her hair was was she imagined what it would look like on her wedding day. That always makes my day when the bride says those magic words, that means I achieved my goal and made her happy. Mission accomplished by Stay tuned to the WE network and My Fair Weddings to catch Meredith and I on the show.

Mission Accomplished!!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

The Cut

When I was on the Jet Blue flight to LA, to shoot a segment of "My Fair Weddings" I had a shock, on the screen was the commercial I shot for Suave. And, I was missing...LOL...I landed on the cutting room floor. But, as the plane landed I had a realization. That when one door closes another opens and I after all was on my way to a gig. What a life!!!!!

May the Force be with you!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something to think about!

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt

This is just something to ponder.

May the force be with you,



"The past is history, the future is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why they call it the present." unknown....Live every day likes it's no tomorrow. Enjoy life and have no regrets.

I really live by this mantra.

May the force be with you!!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Naomi Campbell at Prince Albert's wedding

DO NOT FUCK with Naomi Campbell....alert.....Naomi Campbell wore Givenchy. She claims that since she is the New face of Givenchy, they wanted her to wear it. Pleeease, did she have to wear a halter with the back out to her ass. Not to mention that she wore white, a clear sign that she was out too up stage the bride. Did I mention that Naomi Campbell dated Prince Albert. Never invite your EX to your wedding, Fuck being Friends. It's your wedding day. Have respect for who you are marrying and the love.

P.S. I don't know why all the profanity seems to go with talking about Naomi Campbell.


Yes, I said it...!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I've moved salons again and I don't need Therapy.

I'm now at Kayrunn Hirsch and I don't need therapy. Now I would like to explain this statement. I told my sister Alisha that if I moved salon's one more time that I needed therapy. Basicly that I was the problem and not the salons. Well, I may be the problem and the salon is NOT and I still don't need therapy. I think that the solution may be, having my own salon. Since I don't have the capitol to open a salon therefore, I'm now keeping my brushes at Kayrunn Hirsch. I found this salon through a stylist that I worked with named Kazonori, whom I worked with at Warren Tricomi years ago. WoW, what a circle of hair life....LOL...Wish me luck!!!

May the Force be with you!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have partnered with Meredith Harper Weddings and have been thrown in the world of nuptials. I'm a romantic at heart and each time I do the brides hair for her wedding day I'm reminded of the promise of love and the future. I feel that this is the brides coming out PAR -TAE...LOL... Therefore she should look like what she has invisioned and I'm a big part of that look. I've done from weddings on the beach too The Waldorf Astoria and I would like to say that nothing beats the sentiment of Meredith Harper being married in her parents backyard. Or her mothers garden. Mrs. Harper shared with me that she always wanted one of her children to get married in her backyard (garden). The love that Mrs. Harper put in this yard and can only be matched by Meredith and Jervelle Houston's love for each other. The love that Meredith's mother has for her daughter and son-in-law Jerverlle was even more evident when Mrs. Harper explained to me that she was unable to have her hair and makeup done because she was working on the table settings and the bouquets for the brides maids. Which all the flowers were from Mrs. Harpers garden. LOVES WAS DEFINiTLY IN THE AIR!!! It is so appropriate that Meredith has decided to direct her makeup skills to the world of nuptials, she really believes in love and marriage and it is a marriage made to last. I look forward to making many brides look beautiful on her wedding day.