When to PUMP or DUMP?

Today I was in COURT. But, the business that I was handling is not what I wanted to write about, but the pregnant, in high heels, ghetto bleached blonde, white lawyer was really worth my entire day. Which I spent there to get postponed. But, back to the lawyer I was just watching a fashion show on the style channel for maturnity clothes and all the models had high heels. My "Friend Girl"... LOL...that was watching the show with me said that no pregnant women in her right mind would do that. So, was the ghetto lawyer in her right mind? Well, looking at her two inch roots and spandex leggings her mind is in question. Now please, please please women please tell me if you were seven month pregnant would you be wearing high heels to court? Yes, she was 7 months pregnant. I would love to here from you. Let me know what you think. I need to know. I'm listening talk to me people.



May the Force be with You!!



  1. What's wrong about it. If she is comfortable then I don't see the problem.