Thursday, February 26, 2009

Following my Dreams

Following, your heart and dreams can be a bumpy ride. And, I have had my share of bumps. Robert E. Knight decided to back out of the show because there was going to be a $10.00 cover. This was very surprising to me since I cover all expenses and cost to produce Marque's Secret. Robert went as far as to say that I was pimping him. Who's pimping who? As it turns out Robert is only a pebble. The next show is March 26th. showcasing the swimwear of Ty Scott.

Dreams Do Come True!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marque's Secret Showcasing Robert E. Knight

Robert E. Knight is a designer that I have known since I arrived in New York from Washiongton, D.C. over 15 years ago. Believe it or not this is our first time working together. Robert is a man with great style and he always stands out in a crowd, something that I like in a person, which tells me that he is very sure of himself. This style and confidence is what really made me ask him to be showcased in Marque's Secret. His show will be at the Imperial Club on March 5th here in New York City. This will be my first show at the Imperial Club, I look forward to seeing Robert's collection and working with the Imperial Club.

Dreams Do Come True!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Yellow Wig

Where is the fun in fashion? Your answer is right here in me (Marque). I'm in love with fashion and I believe that fashion should be fun. I think some in the fashion world & the world are taking it much too serious. This yellow ensemble was created by three designers that I happen to respect a great deal. First the skirt was done by Alan Kittrell a designer from Washington, D.C. where I grew up. He has been designing things for me for more than 20 years. The top that was a redesign of a shirt in my closet by Ty Scott, a designer I showcased in my January's Marque's Secret. The wig was done by yours truely (Marque). This was inspired by my mother who's favorite color was yellow. She was the person in my life who taught me to believe in myself. And, taught me that "Dreams Do Come True"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Darius Wobil -Marque's Secret Jan 17th

Darius Wobil is a wonderful designer but it was a lesson learned for me in controlling my show. I allowed the designer, Darius to pick his own music without listening to it. The result; ending with the music putting the audience to sleep. My second mistake was relying on the venue's lighting. This will not happen again.
Now what was not in my control was the holes in the garments and strings hanging. Not to mention the rumpled undergarments that made one of the models look like she had on a diaper.
With time and hard work this young talent will reach his dreams.


East Coast Fashion Show- Jan 15th

The show was great and I enjoyed it very much. I could really see the work and planning that went into the show. I too feel that you and Ron make a good team. I've known Ron for many years and it was an honor to be in the front row of your East Coast Floor Show. I look forward to your up coming shows. I also look forward to using your models as my show (Marque Secret) grows.


Haute Hippie- Fashion Week- Friday 13th

The designer Trish Wes coat-Pound has a "Cock Skirt" that she wore to her showing which I wanted to rip off...paired with a white ribbed Tee and another item from her collection that I loved her "Dicklace" which is a combo necklace & dicky. The cock skirt by the way is made from cock feathers hence the name. Trish is a wonderful spirit with a great sense of style and humor.
Also I was honored to work with my colleagues from Xac Anthony Salon & Spa. I give them a gold star after all I've only been there 1 month. We provided hair & make up for the fabulous models, which turned out to be a blast.


TY SCOTT-Marque's Secret Jan 27th 2009

I am a big fan of the backs out and Ty is also, looking at his collection. I'm still waiting for mine.
Photography by Suz


Bill Witherspoon- Marque's Secret Dec 30th 2008

His collection was called "What You Wear When You Dont Have A Ticket To The Ball"
Bill hit the needle on the head with these dresses.


KIKI MORGAIN-Marque's Secret Oct 28th 2008

KIKI dazzled with her collection of body conscious clothing, for the jet set. I love her signature use of color and sparkle.



Do wear clothes that make you feel sexy.
Do wear clothes that are comfortable and fashionable.
Do dress for the occasion.
Do wear clothes that hug your body, even if you are full figured.
Do keep abreast of shapes and cuts so that you are present, in the now.

Don't wear clothes that are not your size.
Don't wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, even if you do see it in all the fashion magazines.
Don't dress so relaxed that you always look like you are doing the laundry.
Don't wear a midriff top if you look 3 months pregnant and you aren't.
Don't wear big shoulder pads for the past (Dynasty).


Do wear color and have fun with different natural shades & combinations
Do use molding paste for a piecey look.
Do take chances with different shapes and lengths to see what looks good on you.
Do go to professionals to help you select proper hair when doing hair extensions.
Do shop around for a colorist that is in your price range and area to insure that you keep regular appointments.

Don't wear color that is not natural to hair, unless you are under 25.
Don't use so much hair spray that your hair looks like a plastic plant.
Don't go so long between hair cuts that the ends look transparent.
Don't wear hair extensions that don't match your hair (texture or color).
Don't wait so long between color touch ups that you start to look like a zebra.

"You Are What You Eat"

"The saying you are what you eat", well it's true. Salon's tell you get a protein treatment, for your hair. I say eat a piece of fish. When you put a product on your hair it only goes on the top. You need to put the things that are good for you, inside, so that you get the benefit. Just imagine, the doctor tells you that you need more vitamin C, and you smear oranges on your body. I don't think so. In order for you to get the benefit, you need to get the vitamin C in your system. Take this approach of doctoring on your hair. I'm not saying that putting the protein on your hair wouldn't have a benefit but getting it in your system is where you need it. We need to start working on our hair from the inside. So Start drinking alot of water and eating foods that are high in natural oils (such as Avocado's) if your hair tends to be dry. You can also, put the avocado on your hair for a temperary fix. But remember work on the problems from the inside. I'm a true believer of taking care of you hair from the inside. If you take this approach you will also be a believer.