Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keeping Warm and looking Good!!

Now with the cold weather coming, I decided to give you a few of my fashion secrets on keeping warm and looking good. My first secret is long underwear. I love winter silk undergarments and they keep you warm and they do not make you look bulky. That is one of my pet peeves, not looking to bulky. I don't like those big puffy coats that look like a sleeping bag. Go get a shearling, they look good and are not bulky...LOL I believe in showing what I got and how can I do that if I'm wearing a sleeping bag... Also, cashmere is my friend another material that is warm and makes you look lean not to mention the soft feeling against your skin. Nothing like keeping, warm, looking good and feeling good. Ladies a silk scarf keeps you warm and is gentle on your hair wool drys the hair so silk is the way to go.

Keep Warm!!


Marque's Secret showcasing John Ashford

Marque's Secret at the Hudson Terrace. What a show!!! Even with the rain, bad lighting and crowd on the runway John gave us shoes. That's what I call talent!!! I actually was introduced to John's shoes at a show where I did hair. I was so blown away I don't even remember the clothes. John I want a pair of special Marque designed shoes. To see more of John Ashfords shoes go to www.johnashford.ws. By the way I loved the John Ashfords shoes that I wore for the show.

Dreams Do Come True!!!