"These are a Few of My Favorite Things"

O.K. I have resisted to talk about this for as long as I can, but it keeps raining. And, I know that every women wants to keep her hair safe from the rain, so without further ado. The Totes micron umbrella is my favorite. Mainly because it fits in my bag and is always with me. But, also because of Totes life time warranty, which I have used and, which Totes stands by. If your Totes umbrella brakes in the rain Totes will send you a new one and I have received a new Tote. (You have to follow the instruction) My friends laugh at me when I tell them that I used the warranty on my umbrella, but we are in a recession and Totes cost from approximately $15.00 and up. They are not cheap, but worth the life time warranty and dependability of being able to fit into as small as your clutch purse to save you "Hair Do" at any time. Please go to www.totes.com and check out all the other products Totes have, you will be surprised. My friends don't call me grandma, for nothing...LOL

Dreams Do Come True!!!




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