"These are a Few of My Favorite Things"

It started maybe ten years ago when I decided to give myself a deep conditioner at home with my favorite condition Suave (Coconut). I did not have a dryer so I thought that I would just leave it on for a few hours while I watched T.V. But, when I went to the bathroom to rinse it out and looked in the mirror I loved the way my curls looked. I had never seen my curls look so silky and with so little frizz and still be soft. Until then I had been using "setting lotion" to calm the frizz of my curls, this left my hair crunchy. Thus began a new part to my beauty regiment. I know that I have said here on my blog that I use Jane Carter's "Wrap & Roll" but what I really do is alternate between the two. Which I feel is important because I believe that switching up on what you do with your hair is important and this way it does not get over conditioned by using the conditioner every day. Suave seems to give my curls the best control at the same time keeping it soft and natural looking. Please try this and give me your feed back I would love to here from you.

Dreams Do Come True!!!




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