re-Powder Puff

I had a business lunch today with Bill Witherspoon a designer that has been showcased in two Marque's Secrets. Bill also, works at the Brown Stone in Harlem which is owned by Princess. After, lunch I stopped by the Brown Stone and had a conversation with Princess and Bill while they casually went about the business of the Boutique. By the way the Brown Stone is a Boutique that caters to the upward mobile women of Harlem. As we were chatting Princess mentioned the story that I wrote called "Powder Puff" which is about Queen Latifah being sued by her make-up artist and stylist. When, Princess made a very important point... She said "That there is always two sides two a story" and "That her verdict was out until she heard Queen Latifah's side." I have to agree with her. When I first wrote the story it seems that the story that I got out of the paper was from one point of view. I would love to here what Queen Latifah's side of the story sounds like. If anyone has any news about this, I would love to here from you. Yes, Princess there are always more than one View... We should all keep this in mind...Thanks, Princess for helping me remember this..

Dreams Do Come True!!!




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