Daily News////"Night Under the Stars"

"Night Under the Stars" is a Prom put on by the The Children's Helping Advisory Team at New York - Presbyterian (Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital) and sponsored by The New York Life Foundation Wintergarden Programming Series. Well, I got there and the beautiful young lady (18years old) was waiting having her nails done. So, I got busy working on her hair when a TV crew came in to interview her and the reporter started to ask her questions and one of the questions struck a cord with me. "What Does This Mean To You?" Well, I could not help to think about this and get very emotional. It was an honor to be asked to make someone who was in the hospital feel pretty, this is what it meant to me. I had just started to feel that this profession was a little too superficial, which is one of the reasons that I started this blog (to make a positive impact on the beauty industry). Now my next client for the event was Jasmine a beautiful 15 year old young lady who's mother informed me that Jasmine had attempted to cut her own her. Her mother went on to say "Please work a Miracle!" I proceeded with this and informed her mother that it was not going to take a miracle and that it "the beauty in her daughter's hair" was hiding and that I was going to bring it out. After it was done she said "You did a miracle" which meant that my job was done. Now, I see what I was put here for and it is to make people feel good about themselves through their hair and the manner in which I deliver this service. This is the success that I was looking for, as I go on this journey called, Life. I have arrived!!!

Dreams Do Come True!!!




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