"Working with What you Have!"

It's very hard to work with what you have in a society that tells you, what you have is not good, if you are not white. This started at the end of slavery when blacks had to start getting jobs. Because slavery was over, the blacks that assimilated with white society more got better jobs. In the early 1900's black women started to straighten their hair and use make up that was lighter than there skin, in order to get work. With slavery in this country ending and the growth that this country has gone through with the electing of a half white and half black president, there should be a shift in the clamouring, for recognition in this way. Therefore, making it easy to work with what you have, in your natural black beauty.

What I mean by this is, if your hair doesn't grow very long wear a short style and not get a weave. Weave can actually weaken the hair, that you can actually grow. Or, if your hair breaks when you relax it wear your hair in it's natural texture. Work with your own natural beauty!! But, first we as black people have to see the beauty in ourselves and not get our sense of beauty from others. This has to start at several levels and in several areas of life. First it has to start with the children by telling them that they are beautiful the way they are. Second as adults we must use our words wisely and not use the words such as nappy as a bad word. Nappy or straight hair are not good or bad descriptions but just different from each other. Which I believe is part of the excitement of life. The differences in people makes the world a beautiful place and that sentiment is what should be taught.

I have found in working in the hair industry, for over 25 years, when you fight your natural beauty is when you have the most trouble, in looking good. One of the most common mistakes that I see is a black woman or any person of color trying to be blonde. The darker your hair is the more it takes you to be blonde. Which means the lighter you lift your hair the dryer it will become and the more breakage you will cause to your hair. Here is one of the best examples of working with what you have by staying closer to your natural color. I will give more examples of this and advise on what to do, in time.

Now with all this said I am not saying don't relax, color, or play with your hair. I just want people of color to know the reasons behind there decisions and the consequences. And help you make an informed choice with the best results. And above all help you work with what you have. Working with your curly hair for example is easy with all the new products on the market for curly hair. Just as working with with your straight and fine hair, there are also many products on the market to help it look fuller and thicker. I am here to guide you through this process with my experience and expertise with an easy and straight forward hand or mouth...LOL I will show you the way to "working with what you have" and making an informed decision.

Dreams Do Come True!!!




  1. THANK YOU!!! Very well said, I'm tired of hearing/seeing confusion with our people...like you said, "its o.k. to have fun; yet know who you are". We're ALL beautiful and "FABULOUS" in our own remarkable way, we just have to indulge confidence to realize that.
    "PLEASE! Learn to LOVE yourself"

    *Ms. Blaque*