Remembering my Mother

Jima Deloise Johnson was my mother and I decided to give you a glance at the women who made me who I am today. It was the first Thanksgiving after my mom left my father and my mom set the feast for thanksgiving on the floor of our apartment on a shower curtain. Even though we had no furniture my mother made this one of the most special memories of my childhood, with all the trimmings turkey, stuffing, collard greens, etc. All without mentioning the lack of furniture. It was a celebration of Thanksgiving and independence. My mother had not finished high school at this time and was working part time as a cashier and going full time to school to get her G.E.D. I never heard my mother complain, you see this was my mother's quiet dignity and strong work ethic, that she passed to me without ever saying a word. My mother had not finished school because she had children young and my father had taken care of us. My mother had been a stay at home mom, until now. With the same grace that I watched her prepare this meal my mother got her G.E.D. And, the next Thanksgiving was served on a beautiful new dinning room table that my mother got with her new job after getting her G.E.D... without a word. I Learned from her that it is not what you say but what you do that is important. I remember the grace and dignity in which my mother prepared this meal and the sense of comfort that she made me feel. I carry this comfort with me to this day. Listen to what is not said you can learn a lot.

Happy Mother's Day

Dreams Do Come True!!




  1. That is a great memory to keep, and lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing!