A model from the Darius Wobil's Marque's Secret showcase texted me to ask if I were going to Darius's thank you party. I told her that, I was not invited. Now I see, how a designer (Darius) could show garments that were not finished and falling apart. And, the answer is, no class. Darius does not have manners to invite the person who produced and financed a show, for his collection.

This is a perfect opportunity to let the designers interested in participating in future Marque's Secret, know that, after this season is over, there will be a cost. I am booked through the end of the year. Starting January 2010, I will no longer cover all of the expenses to showcase the designers. This has been a learning experience, in so many ways. The most important is to appreciate the gifts in life.

Thanks, Darius for giving me this gift and opportunity to inform the fashion network, that I am building of the true beauty of the fashion world.

Dreams Do Come True!!!




  1. Hi, I had no idea that you covered all costs. That's very generous and commendable of you. I would definitely like to come to one of your shows. I always get the emails from M Shop.