"You Are What You Eat"

"The saying you are what you eat", well it's true. Salon's tell you get a protein treatment, for your hair. I say eat a piece of fish. When you put a product on your hair it only goes on the top. You need to put the things that are good for you, inside, so that you get the benefit. Just imagine, the doctor tells you that you need more vitamin C, and you smear oranges on your body. I don't think so. In order for you to get the benefit, you need to get the vitamin C in your system. Take this approach of doctoring on your hair. I'm not saying that putting the protein on your hair wouldn't have a benefit but getting it in your system is where you need it. We need to start working on our hair from the inside. So Start drinking alot of water and eating foods that are high in natural oils (such as Avocado's) if your hair tends to be dry. You can also, put the avocado on your hair for a temperary fix. But remember work on the problems from the inside. I'm a true believer of taking care of you hair from the inside. If you take this approach you will also be a believer.




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