Following my Dreams

Following, your heart and dreams can be a bumpy ride. And, I have had my share of bumps. Robert E. Knight decided to back out of the show because there was going to be a $10.00 cover. This was very surprising to me since I cover all expenses and cost to produce Marque's Secret. Robert went as far as to say that I was pimping him. Who's pimping who? As it turns out Robert is only a pebble. The next show is March 26th. showcasing the swimwear of Ty Scott.

Dreams Do Come True!!




  1. Very said to know he felt you were trying to pimp him especially bc you do so much and all he really needed to do was show up. Well you haven't lost out on anything, this may be for the best. His loss!!!

    Keep doing wat ur doing, bc ur making a change and there will be so many more designers to come that u will help open up a door for. Til next time

  2. A designer should have a budget if they want to showcase, ANYWHERE!

    This budget should include a look sheet for the audience, payment to the hosting party, as well to the models. Additionally, a budget should be giving advertising/marketing of their event.

    I don't understand anyone in this business who are looking to sell and make money and don't have to funds to make the initial investment.

    You have to SPEND money in order to MAKE money and have a successful business!